Top Cited Publications and the Data Archive

Top Cited Papers with HEPData entries

The following list contains links to InspireHEP records containing DOIs and other information for select top cited PHENIX papers, with links to data packages published on the HEPData portal.

Data Archive

At the time of writing, HEPData is the main platform for preserving data included in publications (such as in plots and tables) and its use is mandated by the Collaboration. Previously, the PHENIX Collaboration has kept publication-related data in a custom-built file-based archive in various formats, most often as plain text files. Since the migration of the PHENIX Web site to a new type of service in 2020 such legacy data has become unavailable to users outside of RHIC facilities. To mitigate this situation, portions of these data are kept on this website in the original format, on dedicated pages conforming to the the original convention, such that the links like posted below are still functional.