PHENIX Keywords

Listed on this page are recommended keywords used for two purposes:

Consistent use of the keywords is strongly recommended. Please note that HEPData materials follow a different set of conventions.

The keywords are case-sensitive. We adopted lowercase convention for all keywords for the following reason: Zenodo is using a complex query mechanism which includes “elastic search” so the effect of capitalization on queries is not always straighforward, so it’s best to avoid ambiguity. Note that Zenodo keywords can actually be a combination of words and white space (i.e. phrases). Multiple such combinations are allowed in a single query when accessing Zenodo.

In the tables below, the keywords are grouped in categories. Each entry in the left column acts as a query link to Zenodo, for that specific keyword. Pages containing results of queries will open in a new tab/window.

General (12 items)
   Keyword    Description
   alice    ALICE - an experiment at CERN
   atlas    ATLAS - an experiment at CERN
   bup    Beam Use Proposal
   cms    CMS - an experiment at CERN
   decadal plan    Two long-term PHENIX research proposals
   phenix    PHENIX - an experiment at RHIC
   phobos    PHOBOS - an experiment at RHIC
   rhic    Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
   sphenix    sPHENIX - an experiment at RHIC
   star    STAR - an experiment at RHIC
   tutorial    a category of PHENIX documents on Zenodo
   wa98    WA98 - an experiment at CERN

Conferences (49 items)
   Keyword    Description
   aum18    RHIC & AGS Annual Users Meeting (2018)
   aum19    RHIC & AGS Annual Users Meeting (2019)
   aum20    RHIC & AGS Annual Users Meeting (2020)
   aum21    RHIC & AGS Annual Users Meeting (2021)
   charm21    10th International Workshop on CHARM Physics
   dis19    Deep Inelastic Scattering (2019)
   dis21    Deep Inelastic Scattering (2021)
   dnp19    DNP (2019)
   dnp20    DNP (2020)
   fwph21    Workshop on forward physics and QCD (2021)
   ghp17    7th Workshop of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics (2017)
   ghp19    8th Workshop of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics (2019)
   hp18    Hard Probes 2018
   hp20    Hard Probes 2020
   hptlhc19    High pT physics in the RHIC/LHC era (2019)
   icnfp19    International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics 2019
   is19    Initial Stages (2019)
   is21    Initial Stages (2021)
   ismd19    International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (2019)
   ismd21    International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (2021)
   iwhss20    17th International Workshop on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy
   iwmpi19    International Workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions at the LHC 2019
   llwi19    Lake Louise Winter Institute (2019)
   lomcon21    Lomonosov Conference 2021
   moriond19    Rencontres de Moriond 2019
   moriond21    Rencontres de Moriond 2021
   pic19    International Symposium on Physics in Collision 2019
   qat21    Quarkonia as Tools (2021)
   qchs21    Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum (2021)
   qfthep19    International Workshop on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory 2019
   qm15    Quark Matter 2015
   qm17    Quark Matter 2017
   qm18    Quark Matter 2018
   qm19    Quark Matter 2019
   school18    PHENIX School 2018
   school19    PHENIX School 2019
   school21    PHENIX School 2021
   sfjhf19    Sante Fe Jets and Heavy Flavor Workshop 2019
   sfjhf20    Santa Fe Jets and Heavy Flavor Workshop 2020
   sqm16    Strangeness in Quark Matter 2016
   sqm17    Strangeness in Quark Matter 2017
   sqm19    Strangeness in Quark Matter 2019
   sqm21    Strangeness in Quark Matter 2021
   wpcf18    Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy (2018)
   wpcf19    Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy (2019)
   wwnd19    The 35th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics (2019)
   wwnd20    The 36th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics (2020)
   zs19    Zimányi School (2019)
   zs20    Zimányi School (2020)

Physics (96 items)
   Keyword    Description
   3he+au    Helium3-on-gold collisions
   anisotropy    Anisotropy
   asymmetry    Asymmetry
   au+au    Gold-on-gold collisions
   azimuthal    Azimuthal
   b-meson    B meson
   backward-rapidity    The backward kinematic region
   binary scaling    Binary scaling
   bose-einstein    Bose-Einstein statistics
   bottom    Particles containing the b-quark (bottom)
   centrality    Centrality characteristic of the collision
   cgc    Color Glass Condensate (type of matter)
   charm    Particles containing the c-quark (charm)
   charmonium    Meson containing a c-quark and its antiparticle
   cnm effects    Cold Nuclear Matter effects
   correlations    Various types of correlations
   cronin effect    Cronin effect
   cross section    Cross section (as it applies to scattering)
   cu+au    Copper-on-gold collisions
   cu+cu    Copper-on-copper collisions
   cumulant    Cumulant
   d+au    Deutron-on-gold collisions
   d-meson    D meson
   dca    Distance of Closest Approach
   dielectron    A pair of electrons
   dilepton    A pair of leptons
   dimuon    A pair of muons produced in a collision
   direct photon    Direct photons produced in nuclear collisions
   drell-yan    Drell-Yan type of process
   electron    Electron
   elliptic    Elliptic (characteristic of certain distributions)
   femtoscopy    Femtoscopy
   flow    Flow
   fluctuations    Fluctuations
   forward-rapidity    The forward kinematic region
   fragmentation    Fragmentation
   gluon    Gluon
   hadron    Hadron
   hadronization    Hadronization
   hbt    Hanbury Brown Twiss interferometry
   heavy flavor    Term applied to heavy quarks
   heavy ion    Term applied to relativistic nuclei
   helicity    Helicity
   invariant yield    Invariant yield
   isolated    Isolated (e.g. cross section)
   J/Ψ    J/Ψ (J/psi)
   jet quenching    Jet quenching
   jet    A jet-like feature of a high-energy nuclear collision
   kaon    Kaon
   levy    Levy femtoscopy
   light hadron    Light hadron
   longitudinal momentum    Longitudinal momentum
   longitudinal spin asymmetry    Longitudinal spin asymmetry
   mid-rapidity    The kinematic region of mid-rapidity
   modification    Modification of observables
   multiplicity    Refers to the number of particles in the final state of the collision
   muon    Muon
   neutron    Neutron
   nuclear    Nuclear (e.g. modification)
   open charm    Open charm
   p+al    proton-on-aluminium collisions
   p+au    Proton-on-gold collisions
   p+p    proton-on-proton collisions
   photon    Photon
   photoproduction    Particle production via interaction with photons
   pion    Pion
   polarimetry    Polarimetry
   polarization    Polarization
   proton    Proton
   qcd    Quantum Chromodynamics
   qgp    Quark Gluon Plasma
   quark gluon plasma    Quark Gluon Plasma
   quark    Quark
   raa    Modification factor (RAA)
   radial    Radial
   rgamma    A type of modification factor
   ridge    Ridge (feature of nuclear scattering)
   scaling    Scaling
   shadowing    Shadowing effect
   small systems    Nuclear collisions involving at least one light nucleus
   small-x    Small-x physics
   spin physics    Spin Physics
   spin    Spin
   strange    Reference to "strangeness" (quantum number)
   thermal photon    Thermal photons produced in nuclear collisions
   transverse energy    Transverse Energy
   transverse momentum    Transverse Momentum
   transverse spin asymmetry    Transverse Spin Asymmetry
   u+u    Uranium-on-uranium collisions
   upc    Ultra-Peripheral Collisions
   W    W-boson
   Z    Z-boson
   η    η-meson (eta)
   π0    Neutral pion
   φ    φ-meson (phi)
   ω    ω-meson (omega)

Detector (37 items)
   Keyword    Description
   aerogel    Aerogel Cherenkov Counter
   bbc    Beam-Beam Counter
   central arm    PHENIX subsystems in the central rapidity region
   daq    Data Acquisition
   daq2010    Data Acquisition Upgrade in 2010
   drift chamber    Drift Chamber
   emcal    Electromagnetic Calorimeter
   ert    Type of trigger
   event characterization    Event Characterization
   fcal    Forward Calorimeter
   fvtx    Vertex Detector (Forward Region)
   hadron blind detector    Hadron Blind Detector
   hbd    Hadron Blind Detector
   magnet    The PHENIX Magnet System
   mpc    Muon Piston Calorimeter
   mpc-ex    Muon Piston Calorimeter Upgrade
   muon arms    Combination of PHENIX subsystems for measuring muons
   muon identifier    The muon identification system
   muon tracker    The muon tracking system
   mvd    Multiplicity and vertex detector
   pad chamber    Pad Chamber
   particle identification    Particle Identification
   pid    Particle Identification
   reaction plane detector    Reaction Plane Detector
   rich    Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector
   rxnp    Reaction Plane Detector
   shower max detector    Shower max detector
   smd    Shower max detector
   tec    Time Expansion Chamber
   time expansion chamber    Time Expansion Chamber
   time-of-flight    Time-of-Flight Detector
   tof    Time-of-Flight Detector
   tofe    Time-of-Flight Detector (East)
   tofw    Time-of-Flight Detector (West)
   trigger    Trigger
   vtx    Vertex Detector
   zdc    Zero-degree calorimeter

Simulation (6 items)
   Keyword    Description
   ampt    A Multi-Phase Transport Model
   embedding    Overlaying real events over simulated data
   geant    GEANT - detector simulation framework
   hijing    HIJING - a type of Event Generator
   pisa    PISA - the PHENIX Integrated Simulation Application
   pythia    PYTHIA - a type of Event Generator

Software and Computing (6 items)
   Keyword    Description
   cvs    Version control system used in PHENIX
   database    Database components of the PHENIX computing framework
   fun4all    analysis framework originated in PHENIX experiment
   root    The ROOT analysis platform
   software    Misc software
   taxi    Method of processing management used in PHENIX analyses

Data and Analysis Preservation (8 items)
   Keyword    Description
   container    A Docker container
   dap    Data and analyses Preservation
   docker    Docker - virtualization technology
   dphep    The DPHEP Collaboration
   hepdata    The HEPData portal at CERN
   opendata    The OpenData portal at CERN
   reana    A platform for Reproducible Analysis
   rivet    Robust Independent Validation of Experiment and Theory

PHENIX Runs (16 items)
   Keyword    Description
   run01    Run 01
   run02    Run 02
   run03    Run 03
   run04    Run 04
   run05    Run 05
   run06    Run 06
   run07    Run 07
   run08    Run 08
   run09    Run 09
   run10    Run 10
   run11    Run 11
   run12    Run 12
   run13    Run 13
   run14    Run 14
   run15    Run 15
   run16    Run 16