Data and Analysis Preservation

What is DAP?

Since the second decade of the 21st century the term Data and Analysis Preservation (DAP) is often used in place of the traditional “data preservation” to account for the fact that data which can’t be analyzed is useless. DAP is commonly described as a union of

The Role of This Site

This website has been created with the goal to support the Data and Analysis Preservation (DAP) mandate of the PHENIX Collaboration, and more specifically to aid the Knolwedge Management aspect of it. Content from multiple legacy PHENIX and RHIC Web sites and various other information resources is being curated, systematized and included here in a way that is helpful to the present and future researchers performing or revisiting analyses of the PHENIX data.

The site is not a substitute for the PHENIX Wiki or any other comparable content management system used to keep information which is subject to changes or pages used as a scratch pad to for developing analyses or other topics. The long-term knowledge management is the key in shaping the content hosted here.

The Platform

The following considerations are important for long-term viability of the site:

In order to meet these criteria this website relies on modern static website generator technology with the following features:

To this end, the popular Jekyll website generator is used, with additional tools (Javascript libraries and advanced stylesheets) for optimal user experience.


Information collected here was provided and curated by the hard-working members of the PHENIX Collaboration and its leadership. Special thanks to members of the BNL Nuclear and Particle Physics Software Group for various contributions and technical advice. Design of this site was inspired by the HEP Software Foundation website. We are grateful to the authors and maintainers of the following technologies: