Shift instructions

--=Shift instructions=--

DAQ computer:
cd phos_dcs_bctest

1) Disarm trigger
2) Load configuration (253 for example)
3) Choose FEE, apply to FEE, if good, apply to RCU, if not go to 1.
4) Do 3, for each RCU

1) Start StartDAQ icon on desktop
2) Press daq control
3) Press run parameters button > and the next > too.

Start run:
APD configuration should be loaded to RCUs
1) In DCS: Disarm trigger
2) In DCS: Arm trigger
3) In DAQ: Start processes
4) In DAQ: Start
5) In DCS: External (for cosmic run or LED), TTCrx (for baseline run)

Note: for choosing different triggers you should press corresponding buttons on the crate near LED MS computer (near PHOS module).

Stop run:
1) In DCS: Disarm trigger
2) In DAQ: Stop

(from aldaqpc019 - without password)
Note: If there are problems with starting HLT, use ./KILL.sh and cleanupslaves.sh in rundir directory
New: o - command for starting event display
Histograms are in /rundir/output/histograms/Energy
Starting HLT manually:
1) connect to fepphos0,
2) cd rundir
3) change runnumber in runNumber.txt
4) . DigitConfig.sh
5) in another terminal
6) cd rundir
7) . startTMGUI.sh
8) in Task Manager GUI:
9) press start slaves, start, connect, start run
10) then start DAQ and enable trigger.

link (working only from CERN intranet)

All raw data is in /data1/tds inside aldaqpc019
Then it is transferred to CASTOR automatically (it should be in the dir /castor/cern.ch/alice/phos/...)

LED system (@Misha Bogoluybsky):
cd 2006_cern ./ledmacro
Configuration file is led.conf
There are lines for regulation of amplitude and rate.


Installing AliRoot:
See AliRoot primer or Offline Bible for installing
Configuring of AliRoot - run root_cfg.sh
then make install

Compiling the macro significantly improve performance.
For compiling:
.L macro.C++
For executing:
.L macro_C.so
macro(); >&log

Before compiling macro for analysis of raw data do:
.include $ALICE_ROOT/include
.include $ALICE_ROOT/RAW

RelPosToAbsId (module, x, z, &AbsId)
AbsToRelNumbering (AbsId, *RelId)
RelId -> int[4] = {module, tmp, x, z}

For this you need to load geometry.root

Alien (GRID):
alien-token-init - initialize token for working in GRID
You should have certificat in .globus
alien-token-info - info about token
aliensh - alien shell
copying in GRID:
cp dir_in_alien file:/path_to_file_in_local_comp
Dmitry Blau, 2007. blau@rcf.rhic.bnl.gov