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  October 26, 2007
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A high luminosity polarized e-p/He and unpolarized e-A collider to study the hyperfine structure of the nucleon including (spin and flavor) and to explore nuclear matter at high parton densities.

EIC Collaboration WebPage

EIC Meeting at SBU, December 7-8, 2007


The most recent meeting:

EICC meeting at MIT,  May 2007

A Joint EIC2006  (Third Electron Ion Collider) and Hot-QCD Workshop hosted by BNL, July 17-22, 2006


eRHIC Related Papers and other Material  

White Papers & other information and documents for NSAC Long Range Planning 2007

Study of fundamental structure of matter with an electron-ion collider, A. Deshpande (Stony Brook/RBRC, R. Milner(MIT/Bates), R. Venugopalan(BNL) & Werner Vogelsang (BNL/RBRC), to be published in the Annual Reviews of Nuclear and Particle Science, Volume 55, 2005; hep-ph/0506148


2001 NSAC Long Range Planning Exercise & EIC/eRHIC White Paper

Summary of the JLab Townmeeting presentation (made in Dec.2000) (PS file) can be found here

The EIC Collaboration Organization:

EIC Contact people, spokespeople:
    Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook University/RBRC) (abhay@bnl.gov)   
    Richard Milner (MIT) (milner@mit.edu)

EICC Physics Working Groups:

e-p Physics working group
    Antje Bruell (Jlab)
    Ernst Sichtermann (LBL)
    Christian Weiss (Jlab)
    Werner Vogelsang (BNL)

e-A Physics working group
    Vadim Guzey (Jlab)
    Thomas Ulrich (BNL)
    Raju Venugopalan (BNL)
    Dave Morrison (BNL)

Detector working group
    Elke Aschenauer (Jlab)
    Edward Kinney (Colorado)
    Bernd Surrow (MIT)
    Andy Miller (TRIUMF)

If you would like keep yourself up-to-date on the latest news on EIC's progress please register yourself with any or all of the archived email server-lists.

eRHIC/EIC News List Server
eRHIC/EIC Accelerator List Server
eRHIC/EIC Detector List Server
eRHIC/EIC electron beam polarimetry List Server
eRHIC/EIC Physics List Server

EIC eA physics working group at BNL

eRHIC reviewd by BNL's PAC since 2004

eRHIC at NSAC Subcommittee Review, June 2004


The eRHIC/EIC History...

Other future electron-hadron collider facilities

Present & past spin related experiments

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