Martin's C++ Course

This is the documentation of the C++ course that I gave a few times at the Stony Brook University and at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Here are the slides of the presentation. They will guide you through the material. You should run the examples that you can download. It's a gzipped tar file.

You can download the gzipped postscript files with the handouts. There are two versions, one with 2 slides/page which prints about 60 pages, and one with one slide/page, which prints mor than 100 pages (so you might want to print them two-sided).

One error correction

On slide 50 I say that the function overloading looks at the return value, and that the compiler can distinguish

void function (const int)
int function (const int)
which is not true. I tried to correct this mistake, but the new PowerPoint version changed all the formatting dramatically and I decided to leave the orginal version here.