HEPDATA: Policy and Procedures

The Repository

HEPData is an open-access repository for scattering data from experimental particle physics. It includes data points from several thousand publications produced by multiple Collaborations working in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, and is hosted by CERN as a part of its Open Data initiative. The PHENIX Collaboration is using this platform as one of the principal components of its Data and Analysis Preservation (DAP) effort and manages a growing collection of HEPData entries.


By the policy established by the PHENIX IB, every paper containing tables and/or plots must be accompanied by a data package containing the tables and/or plots data before it is approved for publication. Please see the official policy document (sec. IV.iv):

The data package must

General Comments

In order for data to be successfully uploaded to the HEPData portal, it must conform to a specific format (please check the HEPData site for documentation). Existing text files can be converted to the HEPData format with some effort. The DAP team is looking at technical solutions to facilitate this process. For example, if plots are generated using ROOT macros the code can be instrumeted to output same data in a format compatible with HEPData. There is a helpful write-up about preparing data for upload:

It is important to provide the Inspire ID for the submission as this is required for the upload to work. Including the PHENIX-internal PPG identifier is highly recommended as it reduces the chances of human error and facilitates communication. Both Inspire ID and the PPG identifier can be easily incorporated in the comment field of the submission.yml file which is an integral part of the submission package.

Each collaboration using the HEPData portal has a coordinator registered on that Web resource. At the time of writing, PHENIX has delegated this responsibility to M.Potekhin (potekhin_at_bnl_dot_gov).

The Procedure

Please contact the DAP Team for more information.