This page is work in progress.


REANA is a reproducible research data analysis platform developed at CERN. It is considered for Analysis Preservation in PHENIX due to the following features:

Execution of workflows in REANA requires a properly configured REANA cluster. One such cluster is available to CERN users. There is also a test instance currently beinf evaluated at BNL (on the internal network only).

Getting Started

To be able to access a REANA cluster the user must be issued an access token by the administrators. Assuming the user created a SSH tunnel to the REANA cluster at BNL a test session might look like this:

# create new virtual environment
virtualenv ~/.virtualenvs/reana
source ~/.virtualenvs/reana/bin/activate
# install reana-client
pip install reana-client
# set REANA environment variables for the client
export REANA_SERVER_URL=https://localhost:30443
export REANA_ACCESS_TOKEN=________ # user's REANA token
# clone and run a simple analysis example
git clone
cd reana-demo-root6-roofit
reana-client run -w root6-roofit