Direct ɣ in d+Au collisions

Analysis Outline

General Analysis Workflow Diagram

Preservation of the Original Code and Input Data

This page is work in progress and is designed to capture the details of the analysis of direct photons in d+Au collisions, with focus on the Electromagnetic Calorimeter data. The original analysis was performed by Niveditha Ramasubramanian. A PHENIX-managed repository has been created on GitHub in order to capture the original code:

Parts of this analysis use data samples kept in the storage area intended for long-term preservation. This is its location in the GPFS filesystem of BNL SDCC:

Calibration Dependencies

There are “DeadWarn” and “Timing” type of maps which are prerequisite of this analysis and they are considered as a separate “prior” component. In a condensed form, they are preserved in the folder sim_Pi0Histogram/creatingHistogram_fromTTree in the repository specified above.


The Code

In general, REANA implementation of this analysis follows this partial diagram of the analysis workflow.

In order for this analysis to run within the REANA framework certain adjustments need to be made, such as removing dependencies on the local batch system and creating workflow definitions native to REANA. The code created for use in REANA is kept in this PHENIX repository on GitHub (Work in Progress): Additional changes include some code cleanup and a minimal amount of renaming of code units, functions and scripts for better readability.

Starting Point

The analysis starts with files produced by the Taxi process. For example, the ROOT macro takes the Taxi ROOT files as input and generates MB (min bias) and ERT (triggered) data as output. This macro is included in a driver script corrPi0Chain.csh.


Below is an outline of the analysis sequence with references to “blocks” in the workflow diagram

# Block 1
root -l -b -q '"MB", "PbSc", 4,5)'
root -l -b -q '"ERT", "PbSc", 4,5)'
root -l -b -q ''
# The outputs of this step are placed in the output_plots folder,
# in three subfolders pdf, root, txt

# Block 2
# NB. This is where a parallel workflow needs to be implemented
# This is the payload which runs in the inner loop:
root -l -b <<EOF
  .L Pi0EmbedFiles.C
   Pi0EmbedFiles t

# Block 3
root -l -b -q ''

# Block 4
root -l -b -q ''