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Table of Contents

RHIC and the Quest for the Plasma

Briefing Outline

QGP Dossier: Quarks

Quark Briefing

QGP Dossier: Gluons

QGP Modus Operandi

Phase Diagrams

Creating a QGP

The Big Bang

Neutron Stars

Surveillance Technique

Previous QGP-Hunts


...but it goes to 11!

Surveillance Equipment 1

Surveillance Equipment 2

Surveillance Teams

The QGP: A Master of Disguise

Surveillance Photos 1

Surveillance Photos 2

Data Analysis Questions

Collision Geometry

Geometry Data

Particle Production

Energy Density

More Violent

Transverse Momentum Spectra

Measuring Temperature 1

Measuring Temperature 2

Temperature Data

Heating Curves

Heating Curve Data

Particle Recognition

Protons and Antiprotons

Approaching the Early Universe

Going With the Flow

More flow


RHIC on the phase diagram

Results Review so far

The QGP: A Master of Deception


Jets Baseline Data

Jets: CERN vs. RHIC

RHIC Run 2001

J/Psi Suppression

CERN J/Psi Yields

PHENIX J/Psi Simulation



Author: Jeffery T. Mitchell


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